Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical Repairs at Quikfix Service Centre

If you are having any mechanical problems in your vehicle, you can trust experts from Quikfix Service to put things right – with the advanced equipment and qualified technicians. We offers the choice to fit either genuine parts from Dealers or OEM parts, both at competitive prices and ensuring no compromise is made on safety.

  • Genuine spare parts or OEM standard
  • Advanced Technology for mechanical vehicle Elements
  • Qualified Technicians with access to technical data

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Mechanical repair is very important, by following proper measures and taking proper precautions, life of a vehicle will have an extended health. Hence, with the assistance of Quikfix Service Centre, you will be able to have a well maintained and properly running vehicle for a longer period of time.

Assistance for the mechanical repairs

If you are having issues with the mechanical parts in your vehicle, you can depend on our uniquely prepared specialists to get everything working again – from suspension to exhaust system and timing belt replacement. With many years of experience, our qualified technician can rapidly perform any mechanical repairs your vehicle may require using latest technology equipment, high quality standards and by having access to up to date technical data.

Exhaust system and Brakes

The overall exhaust framework is one of the most significant mechanical elements in a vehicle. In the event that the front or back suppressor is damaged, this outcome in both higher fuel utilization and long haul motor harm. As this framework can vibrate and is continually presented to outer impacts, consumption harm or vibration-prompted openings or breaking may happen through the span of time. Technicians at Quikfix Service Centre will be delighted to administration and fix your fumes framework and ensure the whole framework is finely adjusted – from the structure and placing of the individual parts directly through to the adjustable mounts.

Shock absorbers – a hidden trap

Half of all accidents can be credited to the poor state of shock absorbers in vehicles over 10 years of age or with in excess of 150,000 km mileage. Genuine deficiencies can even be found in about 10 % of vehicles just 3 years of age. Defective dampers can make the slowing down separation up to 20% longer and significantly speed up tire wear. We suggest having your shock absorbers checked by a special ist regularly.

Our professional tips

Did you know that the security systems in your car like ABS and ESP will not work with defective shock absorbers? Even the braking distance is far greater than for a vehicle without ABS. We urgently advise regular shock absorber verification by a qualified technicians and quick replacement in the benefits of your own safety
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