Tyre Replacement

Tyre Replacement

Tyre Replacement

It will be a pleasure for Quikfix Service Centre to carry out the maintenance of your a/c system and auxiliary heater.

  • Skilled and dedicated team.
  • Good knowledge about tyres
  • Large varieties of tyre brands available

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Although tyre replacement seems to be a simple task, it contributes largely to the safety and stability of your vehicle. Overall performance of a vehicle is directly governed by the quality of its tyres and the grip they provide. Our dedicated team is always at your serv ice for advice and proper selection of tyres. That is why you should trust Quikfix Service Centre for tyre replacement.

Brands of tyres at Quikfix Service Centre

Quikfix Service Centre provides a large variety of better quality tyres at affordable price. Our company always focus on meeting the requirements of its customers. Below is a glimpse of brands available at Quikfix Service Centre:

  • Dunlop is one of the most iconic and recognizable tyre brands in the world with 130 years of engineering excellence.
  • Hankook are Korean made tyres by Korea‚Äôs no 1 tyremaker and ranked 7th by sales on the global tyre market. It is known for its durability. Full range of hankook tyres are available starting from passenger cars to heavy duty utilities.
  • Vredestein are premium tyres manufactured in Netherlands. It has achieved a unique position in the top segment of the tyre industry. Vredestein tyres are available for only passenger cars and SUV.
  • With a reputation for quality, service and leading edge technology, Sumitomo Tires is a premium tire brand offering a unique mix of quality and value

Signs of tyre replacement

There are some signs that may help you to figure out if the tyre of your vehicle needs replacement. Below are some of these examples:

  • Tread Depth

    Excessively worn tread can be one of the signs indicating a tyre replacement. You can contact Quikfix Service Centre for a free exact measurement of how much the tread has worn
  • Vibrations

    Vibrations are mostly caused due to uneven shape of the tyre , usually a bulge which causes vibration when driving
  • Weathering

    Weather is a key factor for the tyres. They are always exposed to heat, cold and water. Tyre is made from a natural material called rubber that breaks down overtime. Fine cracks in the sidewall and in between the tread blocks can be indications of tyre change.

Our professional tips

Tyre checks such as air pressure checks, tread depth checks and damage checks should be performed regularly to ensure that the tyres are in good condition.
It is ideal to run the system for a minimum of 10 minutes consistently to keep the seals greased thus preventing any leakage.
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