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  • Good quality of batteries are used for replacement.
  • Technicians with great knowledge of batteries are assigned for battery check
  • 18-24 months of warranty is guaranteed

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Battery is one of the most important parts of any vehicle as it provides electricity to the spark plugs which allow the engine to start. Batteries do not really show signs of deterioration until the vehicle fail to start – this can be really disturbing most of the times. In order to prevent these kinds of situations, Quikfix Service Centre is at your service for regular battery check.

Importance of a Battery Check

A dead or flat battery can be the main cause of the non start of your vehicle. Many drivers do not pay great attention to the battery which may then lead to failure or the battery may give some weakening signs such difficulty in starting the vehicle. You can be a victim of dead battery at anytime and anywhere. No one would ever want to face such difficult situation.

Quikfix Service Centre is here to prevent you from these kinds of situations by a regular battery check. Even if there is no specific time frame of how often a battery check should be performed, a regular check up will give you peace of mind by knowing that your battery is in good condition all the time. It is highly advisable to have a battery check before and after winter season as cold weather may have a negative effect on the battery

How a battery check is done?

Electrical engineers at Quikfix Service Centre will start the inspection by a visual check to verify the physical condition of the battery, i.e if the poles are tarnished or check if there are electrolyte spills etc. If it’s already at this stage

there will be no choice than to replace the battery with a new one. Quikfix Service Centre positions itself as the main re-seller of Hankook batteries with 18 months of warranty

The next step is to check the voltage of the battery. The battery tester is connected to the battery terminals to determine the state of charge and the internal resistance. The red cable is connected to the positive terminal and the black cable to the negative terminal. The capacity of 75% is enough for the vehicle to start If a low voltage is shown, equipments at Quikfix Service Centre can determine the causes. It can be due to driving for a short period of time or other possible causes.

Causes of battery damage?

There are many causes of battery damage. Below are some examples on behalf of Quikfix Service Centre that may help you to know better about batteries:

Cold Weather

It is the number one reason which leads to car batteries failure. The battery tends to become weaker with cold weather. Batteries are more likely to die during winter. Contact Quikfix Service Centre for a battery check if you notice your headlights dimming or hear a strange clicking sound when you start your vehicle as it is a sign of battery failure.


Time also plays an important role as battery killer as batteries do die over time. The average car battery dies after three to five years. Car batteries have shorter lifespan in cold areas. The more the vehicle is unused, the more weaker the battery tends to be.

Human Error

We often make mistakes accidentally which may lead to battery death. Leaving our headlights on, charging phones, tablets etc can be reasons of battery failure. Make sure to turn off the lights when the car is off.

Our professional tips

Ensure to do battery check on winter season as batteries are more likely to die in cold weather.
Start your vehicle each 2 or 3 days for atleast 15 mins to avoid battery failure.
Contact Quikfix Service Centre for more info regarding batteries.